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Why Not Celebrate Valentine's Day? It's All About Love

I grew up in a conservative Muslim family in the United States. Except for my early years as a child, we did not celebrate birthdays. We never celebrated Christmas. We didn’t do anything special for Thanksgiving. New Year’s Eve was never a proper big deal. But we always went all out on Eid. Eid was …

Valentine's Day

How to Handle Wife's Request on Valentine's Day?

Short Answer: For your specific circumstance, go ahead and buy a few gifts for your wife. But avoid those gifts that depict Valentine’s Day. I would suggest something useful that she is in need of.  Give her those gifts over three days, one before Valentine’s Day, one on Valentine’s Day, and one after. Now, it doesn’t have …

The Valentine's Day Traps of New Muslims

The Valentine's Day Traps of New Muslims

New Muslims usually learn very quickly that in Islam love has a different approach than it did before accepting Islam. Since in Islam, we do not “date” and intermingle with the opposite sex, it can cause a new Muslim to feel lost in their “journey of love”…

True Love.. Beyond Valentine's Day (Special Page)

True Love.. Beyond Valentine's Day (Folder)

True love is one of the noblest and loftiest feelings that a person can experience. In addition, it is one of the blessings that Almighty Allah has graced human beings with. However, many people misunderstand the notion of true love as they confine it mainly to man-woman affection. This type of love, though natural and …

Muslims Celebrate Valentine's Day

Why Don’t Muslims Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Short Answer: If you look into history and origins of Valentine Day, plus the values this celebration promotes today, the answer to your question will be very clear. Muslims don’t blindly follow the crowd when it comes to celebrations of any kind. Islam promotes love among people and the exchange of gifts is one way …

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