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4 Tips on How To Spend Your Vacation With Your Non-Muslim Family During Ramadan

Short Answer: Tacitly and discreetly, one’s travel companions get to know one’s true faith. So do keep in mind, that your family will judge Islam through you. This is, my sister, indeed a great honor: Allah has chosen you to become an ambassador of His religion. So rejoice! And look forward to learning new things through this experience. …………. Asalaamu …

How to Travel the World as a New Muslim?

Traveling the World as a New Muslim

Traveling as a Muslim is not different as compared to traveling before becoming a Muslim, as long as certain guidelines are adhered to. Tourists, Muslim or not, are required to be respectful of their place of travels, to represent themselves and their own country in a positive light.

Ice Cream

Have Fun in Summer, But Beware

Typically summer months aren’t associated with illness; most people enjoy robust health at this time of year. However, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, summer is the time when illnesses “incubate”.


Have a Safe Summer Without RWIs!

Summer is here! It’s time for some fun in the sun and for packing up for that trip you’ve been saving for all year! But stop for a minute please!

The Comfort of Little Things

The Comfort of Little Things

The beginning of ultimate happiness and contentment is once you start to acknowledge and enjoy the little things in life. Make the best out of what you have – the little, yet significant things right by your side that have long been taken for granted could contain abundant joy…

Take a Break For a Change of Scene

If a family truly wants to enjoy a trip, they should shed their self-obligated cultural burdens first, and then plan a trip according to their budget. Keep an open mind and try to make the journey as purposeful and light as possible. You can travel somewhere even for two days…

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