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Muslim Mom Receives Visa to Visit Dying Baby

OAKLAND – A Yemeni mother who was earlier barred from traveling to the United States to visit her dying 2-year-old son due to the Trump administration’s Muslim travel ban has received a waiver to come to the States, her lawyer said Tuesday. Shaima Swileh’s lawyer, Saad Sweilem, told The Chronicle that she had been called …

Muslim refugees

What Are Muslim Countries Doing to Help Muslim Refugees?

Short Answer: They’re doing far more than most English-speaking media outlets are reporting. A core problem is the phrasing used to refer to refugees: “…many… are not considered refugees and they are not part of the UNHCR statistics. They are classified as “Arab brothers and sisters in distress”. Another key issue is the lack of established …

US Elite Universities Sue Trump’s Muslim Ban

In a major protest of Donald Trump’s Muslim ban, 17 elite American universities have launched a legal challenge to the ban, seeing it threatens their ability to educate ‘tomorrow’s leaders from around the world’.


10 Cartoons That Went Viral in Response to Trump’s Refugee Ban

People all over the globe are criticizing the recent executive order of president Donald Trump that suspends the entire US refugee program for 120 days and blocks all people in seven countries from entering the US for 90 days. The refugee ban has resulted in countless protests and fervor that can be seen on social …

American Muslim

Why It’s a Blessing to Be an American Muslim Nowadays

The negative news is all around us. Scrolling our newsfeeds, we can’t scroll more than a couple of posts and there is more bad news. Our co-workers, our neighbors, friends and family are all talking about the changes that President Donald Trump is bringing to our great country of United States of America. Yes, there …

George Clooney Rules Out US Muslim Ban

Warning against the ever-increasing refugees problem, Hollywood star George Clooney said he trust that the American people would reject Donald Trump and his calls to ban Muslims from entering the US.

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