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benefit Reading Quran

How Can I Benefit From My Reading of The Quran?

Short Answer: The Quran is the Muslim’s guide and code of life. However, most Muslims do not understand most of the concepts in the Quran. This is due to some societies’ emphasis on memorizing the Quran rather than memorizing and understanding. Many Muslims totally abandon the Quran since memorizing requires some effort and is considered hard. In order for …

How to Keep the Spirit of Ramadan

How to Keep the Spirit of Ramadan Alive?

Short Answer:  Islam is both beautiful and sweet. Its message is enough to touch even the hardest of hearts. So prepare your heart, and don’t only focus on the rituals. We need a lifetime to learn the beautiful message and the tender and sweet blessings which we receive from this special month. By preparing well throughout the …

10 Tools & Tips for Better Understanding of the Quran

10 Tools & Tips for Better Understanding of Qur'an

Would you like to understand the Qur’an better? Are you upset with your mechanic, spiritless reading? Do you want to engage in more meaningful and fruitful recitation? Check these 10 tools and tips offered by Dr. Mohannad Hakeem. Download Check Bayan Quran App on IOS or Andriod. It is one of the best apps in …

Did Prophet Muhammad Make the Quran?

The Prophet Didn’t Make Quran… Rather, Quran Made Him

The Gracious Quran contains that voice that is not of Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) but of his Lord and Master. This voice is obvious and conspicuous throughout the Qur’t an, which proves it divine source. For examples of that voice, join Sheikh Sohaib Saeed in this part of the series.

Easts Wests

Why Plural "Easts" and "Wests" in the Quran?

Short Answer: The Quran uses the singular, dual, and plural forms of these words to indicate various meanings, including the literal directions of east and west, the domination of Allah over the whole of creation, and the rising and setting of both the sun and the moon. Asalamu Alaikum Awais, Thank you for contacting About Islam with your …

Quran Hate

Does the Quran Hate Non-Muslims?

Short Answer: Muslims who read the Quran with understanding do not hate non-Muslims; that is not the teaching of the Quran. Muslims should hate Satan (who is the embodiment of every incitement to turn away from God). Muslims should have such love and sympathy for non-Muslims as to desire for them too, the same kind of …

quran verses abrogated

Why Were Some Quran Verses Abrogated By Others?

Short Answer: Allah abrogated some of the earlier teachings to alleviate hardship.  In other cases, abrogation is to establish a certain ruling that needs to be established gradually. Abrogation also helps correct some ideas and remove misunderstandings. _____________________________________ Salam Dear Stefanie, Let me first thank you for your detailed question and all the thoughts you have …

4 Ways the Prophet Explained the Quran

4 Ways the Prophet Explained the Quran

The role of the Prophet Muhammad didn’t end with the conveying of the verses of the Quran. He taught his companions, and through them he taught us, the importance of the verses, their usage, and how to implement them in practice.

The Eternal Challenge: What is the Quran?

The Eternal Challenge: What is the Quran?

The Quran is the eternal divine message for the guidance of humankind. It is the miraculous speech of Allah, Most High. Muslim scholars have given much attention to the definition of the Quran to distinguish it from other forms of speech and revelation. Need to know more? Join Sheikh Sohaib Saeed as he explains the …


Why Are There Disjointed Letters in The Quran?

Short Answer:  They were meant to prove to the Arabs their inability to imitate it, or compose something similar, although they have the same alphabet and they do not lack the linguistic excellence. The disjointed letters were giving a message to the unbelievers of Arabia and to all people in all ages that the Quran …

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