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Don't Know Where to Volunteer? Her's a Long List

Don't Know Where to Volunteer? Here's a Long List

Volunteering is the cornerstone to the greatness that enables many charitable and other organizations to be able to do their work, both in epicness and complexity. Feeding thousands of people across the globe takes a lot of hands, but volunteering whether locally or abroad should never be thought of as free labor – it’s a …

13 Tips for Acceptable Hajj

13 Tips for Acceptable Hajj

Are you performing Hajj this year? The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) has a great promise for you. Abu Hurairah (may Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “The reward for a Hajj mabroor is nothing but Paradise” (Al-Bukhari and Muslim). Here are 13 tips …

Muslim travelers

5 Muslim Globetrotters Who Will Inspire You to Travel

Travel bloggers, who doesn’t love them? They let us experience a journey through them and share a snapshot of their adventurous lives. The travel blog market is booming and I started to ask myself: What does the lifestyle of a Muslim globetrotter look like? As a Muslim you may have things to consider before traveling, …

Getting Married? Here's Top 5 Muslim Honeymoon Destinations

Getting Married? Here Are Top 5 Muslim Honeymoon Destinations

As newly-weds, choosing a place to celebrate the start of your new life together can be both exciting and overwhelming. As Muslims we have a variety of travel needs, and Alhamdulillah, there are plenty of Muslim-friendly vacation spots to choose from. It was tough narrowing the possibilities down, but remember it’s not where you go to …

Prayer Concessions For People With Valid Excuses

Prayer Concessions For People With Valid Excuses

Traveling is the only legitimate reason for shortening prayers; it is not allowed in situations other than traveling. As for combining prayers, the reasons permitting it include necessity and valid excuses. This makes it possible when needed.

Why You Shouldn't Order a 'Muslim Meal' on Your Next Flight

Why You Shouldn't Request a 'Muslim Meal' on Your Next Flight

Why should food be an issue for Muslim passengers all the time? Is it really that hard for people to know what can a Muslim eat? Read this hilarious story shared by American Muslim comedian, Aman Ali and have fun 🙂  I caused a scene being Muslim on a plane the other day. I was in Malaysia for …

10 Pieces of Advice Before You Leave for Umrah

10 Pieces of Advice Before You Leave for Umrah

Umrah is  the most beautiful trip for all Muslims. No matter where they live, rich or poor, Muslims all over the world aspire to make this spiritual journey. Since we are approaching Rajab, which is a high season for Umrah,  I just wanted to give a few pieces of advice for those who will be traveling soon …

Black Muslim Women Travelers - 7 Instagram Accounts to Follow

“Black women can do anything. We’ve proven that time and time and time again.” -Tarana Burke While traveling as a Muslim has its own challenges, then as a woman on top of that, there are even more twists for Black Muslim women travelers. Here are seven Black Muslimah travel bloggers with inspiring accounts to follow, …

Goree island

Goree Island: The Gateway to Hell

What an awful, beautiful island. The approach to Goree Island, just off the coast of Senegal , a 15-minute ferry ride southeast of the country’s capital city of Dakar , gives the impression of exotic serenity. Even walking through the small island, a mere 900 meters (0.6 mi.) long and 300 meters (0.2 mi.) wide, …

How to Travel the World as a New Muslim?

Traveling the World as a New Muslim

Traveling as a Muslim is not different as compared to traveling before becoming a Muslim, as long as certain guidelines are adhered to. Tourists, Muslim or not, are required to be respectful of their place of travels, to represent themselves and their own country in a positive light.

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