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Muslims of Scotland and the Islamic Tartan

Bagpipes, historic castles and dare I say, the Lochness monster! These are a few things that define the country of Scotland, and with a growing Muslim population it now has the added attractions of domes, minarets and Islamic tartan. Yes! Islamic tartan! In a country with a population of 5.4 million, there are about seventy …

Let’s Make a Scene this Halloween

Let’s Make a Scene this Halloween

Imagine a room… There’s a huge clock on the wall, a desk in the center of the room and three people are sitting behind it, staring at me as I walk in panting, holding three copies of my ‘submitted two-seconds before deadline ‘Halloween and Islam’-article”. I smile at the three of them to cut the …


Welcome Back Hajji - Various Cultures' Celebrations

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam, and it’s a very special one. The four other pillars can be practiced by Muslims wherever they are on this planet, but hajj is carried out only in one place. It’s a special journey that costs much; money, effort and time. That’s why this is the only pillar …

Hajj in Pakistan

This Is How Hajj Celebrated in Pakistan

As thousands of Pakistani Hajjis have already landed at Jeddah airport to pursue their Holy Journey, and thousands more are in the queue, pre-Hajj parties, a centuries-old custom of South Asia to encourage and greet the would-be Hajjis, are on across Pakistan. These parties organized by family members, friends and neighbors in all over the …

Traditional Cultures Show How to Preserve Food

Traditional Cultures Show How to Preserve Food

When mangoes are in season in India, mothers tend to make vast quantities of pickle or conserves to enjoy the fruit and not waste any which came off the trees in the gardens. Walk along the lanes of the smaller layouts in any city and you can see old bed sheets laid out in the …

Child Bride’s Death Triggers Yemen Uproar

Reports about the death of an eight-year-old girl in Yemen of internal injuries on the first night of her marriage to a man more than five times her age has sparked anger over the widespread practice, denied vehemently by Yemeni officials.

Pakistani wedding

Pakistani Wedding Traditions & Customs

In Pakistani weddings, it is traditionally customary for the couple to receive gifts of cash from attendees and guests. The bride is also gifted formal jewelry by her close relatives.

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