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How to Boost My Child's Self Confidence? - About Islam

How to Boost My Child's Self Confidence?

In this counseling answer: •You can help him develop his confidence by understanding who he is, what he feels and respecting that person who he is, and who he hopes to be. •Help him to understand his strengths and weaknesses and to know that to fail in a task (as we all do) is a …

Tips to Develop Ithar (Selflessness)

Stories and Tips to Develop Ithar (Selflessness)

Itahr, or selflessness, is one of the noble qualities emphasized in Islam.One who is selfless places concern for others above concern for himself.The selfless person is generous with his time and freely lends aid and support to others. The opposite of selflessness is selfishness, which involves being concerned with one’s own well-being without regard for …

Reading Quran? We Bet You Haven’t Tried These Tips Before!

Reading Quran? We Bet You Haven’t Tried These Tips Before!

One very important tip that you’re supposed to do as you’re reading Quran and begin to draw nearer and nearer to this Quran, convert every verse into a dua. So, when you begin and you say “alhamdulillah rabbi al alameen Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim”…

back to school

Back to School - Essential Tips for Parents

Starting the new school year can be a time of great excitement as well as anxiety for both parents and children. Help calm your child’s fears (and your own) with these teacher-approved tips. Stress Management The first thing you need to do as a parent is to make sure you are calm and ready for …


Marriage As a Roller Coaster: Special Tips

Blessings in life are like the autumn, the colors and the breeze are welcomed warmly. One such blessing is the happy marriage. Though, it has been a trend to host a marriage ceremony grandly, but once it is over everything is over. It is a shame that the sparks of the wedding night fade so …

Muslim Youth - Get Strong If You’ve to Be Different

Muslim Youth: Get Strong If You’ve to Be Different

As Muslims living in the modern world we have to interact. Today is not a time for isolation. The world needs good people to step up and make a stand, have a voice and be a power of good, and as individuals our faith increases when we live Islam, not just talk about it. This …

Tips from the Prophet's Life to Overcome Laziness

Tips from the Prophet's Life to Overcome Laziness

How to overcome laziness? This is a troubling question for many people. Laziness is a disease of the heart which can paralyze the potential of a person. In the modern era of fast-food, high-speed internet, 4G data on our phones, it’s difficult to live an active lifestyle and beat procrastination. Overcome Laziness What are some …

Travel tips

Travel Happily ... Travel Light

It’s Summer vacation when everyone wants anice getaway, plans for trips and searches for travel tips before heading to the planned destination. Let’s start packing our bags and leave the crowded and choking city with its hot, heavy, and stifling weather. Let’s go far away and head to a place where there’s a long blue …

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