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Scientist Lists Tips for Muslims to Avoid Thirst During Ramadan - About Islam

Scientist Lists Tips for Muslims to Avoid Thirst During Ramadan

Fasting Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars of Islam and it’s considered obligatory for adult and healthy Muslims. This ritual means abstaining from foods and drinks from sunrise to sunset,rendering the believer thirsty for several hours to feel the greatness of Allah’s creations and blessings, one of which is water. To avoid severe feeling …

Thirst Inducing Soft Drinks

Thirst Inducing Soft Drinks

Some of us are already feeling the heat, as we flex our muscles to reach for a soft drink to quench our thirst. However, ice-cold soft drinks actually numb our taste buds to the reality that we are consuming a can or bottle of “liquid candy” containing the equivalence of seven teaspoons of sugar that …

Tips To Help Thirst In Ramadan - About Islam

Tips To Help Thirst In Ramadan

The hardest part of fasting is often the thirst, especially in hot countries. So how can we try not to get thirsty in Ramadan? Check these tips.


Madinah's Desalinated Water Isn't Enough

The amount of desalinated water pumped to Madinah from desalination plants in Yanbu cannot meet the increasing demand of Madinah people on this natural resource, said the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture in explanation to water cuts in numerous neighborhoods.

Hajj: A Journey of Selfless Brotherhood - About Islam

Hajj: A Journey of Selfless Brotherhood

I once had such a wonderful experience in Al-Masjid Al-Haram, when I was extremely thirsty after performing tawaf (circumambulation around the Holy Ka`bah) and was unable to find a way among the crowd of women seated around the Ka`bah…

How Ramadan Makes Leaders - About Islam

How Ramadan Makes Leaders

Ramadan reminds us of who we are as human beings and our relationship with our Creator. Recognizing our limitations is actually one of our strengths because through this recognition of dependency we develop a greater love and closeness to Allah.

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