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OCD Is Taking Over My Life

OCD Is Taking Over My Life

In this counseling answer: Perhaps it is time to re-engage in therapy. It is a lifelong disorder, like many other mental and physical disorders we humans have, but it is treatable. Seek help from Allah. Assalamu Alaikum dear brother, I am truly sorry to hear about all you have been going through with OCD. It …

Mental Health Centers Targeting Muslims Gain Popularity in Canada

A number of organizations have started to provide culturally sensitive mental-health services designed specifically for Muslims in Canada, The Globe and Mail reported. In North Toronto, Khalil Center opened in March with a slogan that says ‘where the Mind & Spirit meet’. “With around 50% of Canada’s one million Muslims living in Ontario, Toronto seemed like …

How Ramadan is a Therapy For Depression

This Ramadan, I intend to observe closely the effects of fasting on my mood. If the clinicians’ observations are correct, it should increase alertness, positive feelings, sense of well-being and even euphoria. I was surprised…


Ramadan as an Anticancer Therapy

Islam enjoys a firm tradition of fasting diet as Muslims observe an annual obligatory fast for 29 or 30 days during the holy month of Ramadan.

Islam’s Stance on Music Therapy

Islam’s Stance on Music Therapy

Music therapy is an established psychological clinical intervention that is delivered by professional healthcare centers and registered music therapists. Its aim is to help patients affected by injury, illness or disability by supporting their psychological, emotional, cognitive, physical, communicative and social needs. Music plays an important role in our everyday lives. It is found naturally …

Human embryonic stem cells

Therapeutic Cloning Advances in the Muslim World

Far more than just copying cells for the purpose of duplicating human beings, cloning technologies are leading to exciting medical applications. Continuing the discussion of Part 1, this article explores therapeutic cloning advances in the Muslim World.

Light Has Therapy

According to Islamic jurisprudence, water, earth, and the sun are purifying elements. Sunlight can cleanse all impurities provided that nothing intervenes between its rays and the object being purified. This is why the Sunnah suggests that washed clothes be put out to dry in the sun (rather than at night when other influences are at …

Restore Your Energy (Part 4)

Every cell in our body carries on its surface some protein receptors  that are sensitive to vibrational energy fields in our environment, be them light, sound, electromagnetic waves emitted from our televisions, cell phones and computers, or be them emotional or mental vibrations emitted from our own thoughts and sensations and from other people around …

Body Energy Map (Part 3)

Although our physical body is the only form we can normally detect, touch, see and feel,  according to natural health specialists, physical ailments originate somewhere beyond this physical body and can only show their symptoms when we neglect our energy warnings for some time. That’s why, in natural healing practice, the first step towards healing …

Energy Healing: Myth or Reality?

We all hear about energy; we also feel it and experience it in our everyday lives. We feel the boost of high energy when exited, stimulated, loved and appreciated; and we feel our energy depleted and melted away with humiliation, neglect, embarrassment, anger, hate, or revenge. But, what exactly is this ‘energy’? All of us …

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