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isra prayer

Al-Isra: Prophet Muhammad Led Other Prophets in Prayer

Short Answer: This prayer signifies the continuity of their messages and their unity of rank and purpose, that Islam has completed all Divine messages and brought them to their final form, and that Jerusalem also belongs to the Muslims who follow Muhammad, the recognized leader of all Prophets. Salam Dear Rahma, Thank you very much for your …

Holy lands

Holy Land - The Facts and the Friction

Before science introduced the concept of facts, religion had already instituted the power of faith. Faith that the prophecies of God will come to pass by observing, not breaking his laws. Faith that nothing is impossible for God.  Faith that  pragmatic and practical attempts at understanding the facts and the frictions surrounding the Holy Land …


The Prophet's Night Journey: Spiritual or Physical?

Salam Jasmine, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) Night Journey from Makkah to Jerusalem and hence to heaven, and his return to his home town on the same night, was, to a contemporary mind, very much a miracle. Caravans, during this time, took a whole …

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