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Quraish Negotiates with the Prophet (Story) - About Islam

Quraish Negotiates with the Prophet (Story)

Shortly after the conversion of the two powerful heroes, Hamzah ibn `Abdil-Muttalib and `Umar ibn Al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with them), the clouds of tyranny and oppression against Muslims in Makkah started to clear away and the Makkah polytheists realized that it was no use meting out torture to the Muslims. They consequently began …

Which Incident in Makkah Seerah Had More Impact on You?

Which Incident in Makkah Seerah Has More Impact on You?

Currently, we have a poll on the home page about Seerah incidents that happened in Madinah. We had a previous poll about Makkah incidents. You may find it interesting to check it and explore its results; it is listed below. Read and Watch:

3 Questions About the Night Journey

3 Questions About the Night Journey

The last days of the Makkah phase in the Prophet’s life were noted for alternate fortunes. However, glimpses of propitious lights were looming on the distant horizon, ultimately materialized in the event of the Prophet’s Night Journey (Al-Israa’) to Jerusalem and then Ascension (Al-Mi`raj) through the spheres of the heavens. When did the Night Journey …

Social Boycott Against Early Muslims (Story)

When Islamophobes Boycotted the Prophet and Whole Muslim Community

It was a stifling siege and merciless boycott. The supply of food was almost stopped and the people in confinement faced great hardships. The idolaters used to buy whatever food commodities entered Makkah lest they should leak to the people, who were so over-strained that they had to eat leaves of trees and skins of animals.

Defusing Civil War in Madinah (Story)

Madinah on the Verge of Civil War... Here Is How the Prophet Defused It

After the immigration of Muslims from Makkah to Madinah, one may imagine that Makkah can live now in peace, away from Muslims. However, the people of Makkah have another opinion; for many reasons,they see a great danger in the fact that Muslims and Islam have found a new home in Madinah: – Madinah is on …

Dr. Tariq Ramadan: In the Footsteps of the Prophet (Book Review)

Dr. Tariq Ramadan: In the Footsteps of the Prophet (Book Review)

I read once that most of what makes a book ‘good’ is that we are reading it at the right moment for us. This couldn’t be more true as I was approached to write a review of the book ‘In The Footsteps of the Prophet’ by Muslim intellectual Tariq Ramadan. While I admit I had …

Dr. Yasir Qadhi: Story of the Night Journey (Video)

youWhat is the meaning of Al-Israa’ and how it differs from Al-Mi`raj? And what exactly happened in that blessed journey? Join Dr. Yasir Qadhi in this recount of the events of the Night journey from the very beginning at Ka`bah. Learn about: – Al-Buraq and its first reaction when it saw the Prophet (peace and …

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