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Why Are We Tested?

A believer will be tested in health and wealth. Allah will do this so that we are purified so on the Day of Judgement we will be sinless.

I Just Converted! Why Am I Still Being Tested?

I Just Converted! Why Am I Still Being Tested?

Something I had wished Muslims would have told me before I converted: Converting to Islam does not mean that life turns into rainbows and ice cream parties. I was made to believe that along with the forgiveness of my sins, converting would make life so much easier.

Wise Muslim: Are You Patient and Grateful?

We are tested in our health, wealth, offspring, etc. But why does Allah test us? Indeed, hardships purify us. The world tends to consume us, diverting us from the remembrance of Allah. Hardships draw us closer to Allah and to the Hereafter; reminding us to work more to reach our ultimate destination in the Hereafter; Jannah.

Why is Allah Testing Me?

Don’t become depressed to the degree that you begin to question Allah. People say: “Why is Allah testing me? Why? He doesn’t like me” Well if that’s the case, He didn’t like anyone on earth because everyone is tested. Even Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), who is the most beloved to Allah…

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