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When Terror Strikes- 3 Tips For Standing Up Again

When Terror Strikes: 3 Tips For Standing Up Again

The days and weeks following a terrorist attack will rattle you to your very core. That is a given. However, for some new Muslims, it can cause them to question their faith or otherwise diminish their state of Islam. In both of these instances, it means that the terrorist has won. And that should never happen.

How to Cope with the New Zealand Mosque Shooting Tragedy

How to Cope with the New Zealand Mosque Shooting Tragedy

The whole world was shocked yesterday by the terrible news of a terror attack that targeted New Zealand mosques. People have been struggling to find the language for what had happened to the city of Christchurch, which witnessed the worst mass killing in the nation’s history, leaving 49 people dead and 39 injured. Licensed therapists Najwa Awad, LSCW-C and …

World Mourns New Zealand Muslim Victims of Terrorism

CHRISTCHURCH – Muslim organizations and world governments have sent strongest condemnations to the terrorist attack that left more than 49 dead in far-right shootings targeting worshippers in two New Zealand mosques during Friday Jumuah prayer, The Guardian reported. “This is the most deadly Islamophobic terrorist attack we have experienced in recent times,” Harun Khan, the …

Jesus Wept: Terrorism in Christchurch

The third largest city in New Zealand has come under terrorist attack by extremists who targeted at least two mosques in the city of Christchurch. Reports of at least 40 people murdered with dozens more injured have sent ripples across the world. Such was the severity of the incident that immediately afterwards put the city …

What You Need To Know About Terrorist Attack Targeting NY Muslims

NEW YORK – Like a scene from a movie, the Pakistani Sufi cleric Mubarak Ali Gilani, set up Islamberg, a Muslim community in rural New York in the 1980s which today has about 200 residents. Meant to be a commune comprised of mostly African-American Muslims escaping inner NY city violence, it is a far cry …

Imams Condemn Sinai Attack, Pray for Victims

Imams Condemn Sinai Attack, Pray for Victims

We live in times where we see many humans, but not enough humanity. Described as the deadliest attack in Egypt’s modern history, militants killed at least 235 people at Al-Rawdah Mosque in North Sinai and injuring at least 130 others. Ambulances were shot at as they tried to save victims. Numbers are still rising. The …

Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn Visit Finsbury Mosque

British PM Theresa May and opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn visited the Finsbury Park Mosque on Monday, June 19, to offer condolences and support to the Muslim community after a man plowed his van into Muslim worshippers leaving mosque.

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