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Controlling Parents

Imprisoned By My Controlling Parents

In this counseling answer: •Develop your relationship enough with them so that you can invite a suitable friend home to study together for example. It is in your interest to let your parents get to know your friends. •Make sure that the parents of your invited friends have your address and telephone number. This is …

Muslim youth

Sacramento Hosts Muslim Youth Leadership Program

An American Muslim civil rights group announced plans for its 15th ‘Muslim Youth Leadership Program’ next August 4 in Sacramento, California to introduce American Muslim teens to the areas of the community that shape public opinion, CAIR California reported in a statement online. “The four-day program allows the Muslim students to work and participate in …

Caught Masturbating

I Caught My Son Masturbating, Please Help!

In this counseling answer: •The approach you take in dealing with your son who is caught masturbating very important right now. I would kindly suggest that you have a heart to heart talk with him. Try not to be accusatory and punitive although it may be hard, as this will only push him away. •You …

20 Popular Questions Asked by Teens

20 Popular Questions Asked by Teens

Your parents say one thing. Your friends say another. But what does Islam say regarding relationships, crushes and other issues facing teens today? Many people write to us with questions that perhaps they wouldn’t be too comfy asking mom, the sheikh or even their bestie. We’ve compiled a list of questions we get asked on …

How Clothing Poses a Daily Challenge For Muslim Teenage Girls

How Clothing Poses a Daily Challenge For Muslim Teenage Girls

For most teenage girls, shopping for clothes is as simple as popping into the nearest Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters, scanning the shelves for something they like, and selecting the right size. I, on the other hand, a covering Muslim girl, consider myself lucky if I leave a store with a single article of clothing …

Hijab covering

How to Get My Girls to Understand and Enjoy Covering?

In this counseling answer: •Hijabs come in so many different shapes and sizes, let them try on different styles and select which one they prefer. •Ensure that they pick one that will find comfortable and easy to put on. As you probably know yourself, some styles of hijab are easier to put on than others, …

Spying On Children

Parents Spying On Children, Ethical?

In this counseling answer: •I discourage parents spying on children because it breaks down trust and once trust is broken it takes a long time for it to rebuild. •I am assuming that you want a relationship with your daughter where she can come to you for problems and guidance. To establish this you must …


Younger Brother Surfing Gay Websites

In this counseling answer: •First, try and educate him about those sites and their content and try and find out why he is curious about them. •It is important to stress the dangers of being overly condemning, for he may or may not understand fully what he is viewing. •Help him to understand rather than …

Menstrual periods

How to Explain Menstrual Periods to Daughter?

In this counseling answer: •Let her be aware of what these physical changes mean for her as a developing young woman. She has greater accountability to herself and to her growing body! •I suggest informing her that her body is going through the physical and hormonal stages of puberty. •Also, she may have other changes …

Son Smokes Because He Feels "Stranger"

Son Smokes Because He Feels "Stranger"

In this counseling answer: •We suggest that you sit down and talk to your son about how unique and special he is. Let him know that you love him and that Allah loves him. •Remind your son that he does not have to smoke to fit in with this group of friends and that he …

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