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I’m a Teenager & in Love with a Guy

I'm a Teenager & in Love with a Guy

In this counseling answer: • During the teenage years, physiological and physical changes start happening. Individuals start experiencing feelings for the other gender. However, during this time, it very important to guard thoughts and actions on the basis of reason. • The ‘love’ teenagers feel is called a “crush” – seeing someone and feeling ‘love’ …

Muslim & Non-Muslim Friendships: The Forbidden Zone

Muslim & Non-Muslim Friendships: The Forbidden Zone

“I like you, but I’m not supposed to because of my faith.” “My parents would never accept you because you’re not Muslim.” “You don’t look Muslim to me so why can’t we be together.” “I don’t care if you’re Muslim. We’re all human. What difference does it make?” These are all comments one may hear …


Love in the Age of Social Media

I remember the first time I heard the popular Malaysian song by a local singer titled ‘Facebook Love’. The lyrics were perhaps catchy for teenagers, but certainly not for a young adult like me. In fact, I was a bit surprised that such a song could be approved and admired by so many. There is …

Muslims dating

Hate That You Can’t Date?

Why is dating haram? … No, like WHY? How am I supposed to agree to spend the rest of my life with a complete stranger? And how do you expect me to get to know that person without dating them first? What if it doesn’t work out? I mean, do you guys not see how …

My Son Falls in Love With His Classmate, How to Handle?

My Son Is in Love With His Classmate, How to Handle?

In this counseling answer: “There are 2 primary ways to treat this situation; either encouraging marriage to this girl to make any contact halal and allow him to satisfy his desires or to warn him about the dangers of what he is doing and advise him to stay away. This will most likely depend on his exact …

My Teen Daughter Is Thinking about Sex all the Time!

My Teen Daughter Thinks About Sex!

In this counseling answer: • You can approach her and the relationship between the both of you as one of friendship. • By taking this approach, you may insha’Allah start to gain her trust and in turn, she may open up to you and start confiding in you about her choices. • “I would kindly advise sister that you …


A Request For Dating My Daughter!

In this counseling answer: •You have to be able to explain that to your daughter so that this discussion does not become a matter of your being strict or old-fashioned; dating is not permissible for all of eternity. •Help her to understand and appreciate the larger context of the relationship between men and women according to …


Tempted to Do Wild Things

In this counseling answer: “My advice to you would be simply to be patient and wait and see what develops and how. There is no reason that I can see for you to jump the gun so to speak and pursue either one of the men until you know what their true intentions are.As I …

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