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Raising Teenagers in a World of Pornography & Drugs

Raising Teenagers in World of Pornography & Drugs

Pornography, drugs, premarital sex… How on earth can we raise our teenagers in a world like this? Pornography is the most popular topic searched on the Internet. Intoxicating drugs that were once banned are increasingly made legal in many countries. With all this exposure to indecency and narcotics its no longer time to be politically …

The Prophet's Guidance for New Muslim Youth

The Prophet's Guidance for New Muslim Youth

For new Muslims, it is vital to read up on how Prophet Muhammad kept the teenagers and youth around him in good company, always enjoining them in doing good deeds and encouraging them gently to ward off evil. Embracing Islam as a family may…

How Does Islam Honor Parents?

How Does Islam Honor Parents?

Many people do not treat their parents in the manner they deserve. Teenagers fight relentlessly with their parents, often over extremely trivial topics. Other young people ignore their parents, rather spending time with their friends or online.

What Kept My Faith Strong as a Youth?

One Thing Kept My Faith Strong as a Teenager

People asked me: “When you were a teenager at high school, I went to secular schools in Australia, were you a religious person or not?” Alhamdulillah I was. But it was very difficult, it’s not that easy… You have to be challenged. I went in year 7 and year 8…

Catholic Son Against Parents' Conversion - About Islam

Catholic Son Against Parents' Conversion

In this counseling answer: “Explain to him that you understand that he may be upset and that you do not intend to tell him what to do. But, you and the rest of the family have done what you feel is right for you and your connection to God. Tell him if he is against …

Daughter's Hair

What's The Best for My Daughter's Hair?

In this counseling answer: “Your daughter is a teenager who is exploring and learning about herself in new ways every day. She is going through a key time in terms of identity development and needs a certain level of freedom to learn about herself in a safe and guided way. Though it’s just my opinion, …


My Parents Don't Understand Me, What Should I Do?

As-Salaamu ‘alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhum, Bless your heart for writing! I am sorry that your parents “can’t understand” you and “ alwayscriticize your actions”! That is an unproductive relationship with one’s parents, which is sad because you lose what you need to have in a relationship with your parents—the benefit from the relationship …

Marriage with My Teenage Wife is Tiring

Marriage with My Teenage Wife is Tiring

In this counseling answer: “At sixteen, these are questions just being figured out and tested out.She deserves the right to do that without having someone breath down her neck constantly trying to control her social connections and personal self-expression. If you are focused on clothes and make-up, you are missing the bigger picture in taking …

The Simple Solution To Teenage Love - About Islam

The Simple Solution To Teenage Love

These days it is very difficult to be a Muslim teenager living in the West. If the parents don’t help their sons and daughters then zina can happen. Here is a simple solution to teenage love.

best friends boys

Muslim College Student: My Best Friends are Boys

Short answer: You should try to be a good friend to everyone, but realize that friendships have boundaries. A friendship between a boy and a girl must stay within the boundaries of what is permissible. You can be friends only for the sake of Allah –to help one another in staying on the Straight Way …

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