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Teenage Sons Taking Drugs

My Teenage Sons Taking Drugs, What To Do?

In this counseling answer: •You must continue to try and talk with your children whenever you get the chance about how much you dislike their behavior and how much it hurts you. Don’t pester them, but just let them know from time to time that these things they are doing really HURT you. •Remember to …

My Parents Don't Understand Me!

My Parents Don't Understand Me!

Are you a young man/woman who feels disappointed about the ceaseless commands and instructions of your dad and mom who, indeed, never understand you. Or perhaps you are an exhausted parent, frustrated with your teenagers who became different; who are not those cute, listening kids they used to be anymore? Well, you are invited to …


Mom's Harsh Words Led Daughter to Depression

In this counseling answer: •Despite any negative comments you hear, remind yourself this is not a reflection of who you are. •Read Quran and find comfort in the words of Allah. Also, dhikr to keep your mind clear and focused on good thoughts. •Keep a journal so you can have a place to put your …

Control Anger towards Mother?

Anger Towards Mother, How to Control It?

In this counseling answer: •First, think before you speak. In the heat of the moment of anger towards mother, it’s easy to say something you’ll later regret. •Take a few moments to collect your thoughts before saying anything. •Begin to keep a journal and write down your feelings several times a day in order to …

How to Handle My Aggressive Teenager?

How to Handle My Aggressive Teenager?

In this counseling answer: •I would kindly suggest dear sister that you sit with your son with someone else present and discuss his behavior. •Tell him it cannot continue and ask him how you can help him regain control as well as try to find out the source of his anger. •You may have to …

My Teenager Makes My Life Miserable - About Islam

My Teenager Makes My Life Miserable

In this counseling answer: You and your husband should have a clear plan of action on how you are going to raise your children. •Try to win your son’s heart and become his friends by telling him that you forgive him for his past behavior. •Let him know that no matter what, he can count …


Is It Normal for Mum to Argue About My Father's Family?

In this counseling answer: •You might have to do some little whispers with one of your great smiles or a twinkle in the eye and just show your mother the good things about your father in relation to her. This might melt the ice a little or even enough for her to feel there is …

Son, Demands

Cannot Afford the Demands of Our Teen Son

In this counseling answer: •Children are often the barometer for what’s happening in the family, so if the children are having problems of a social, emotional, or psychological nature, it is often due to something that is not working within the larger family system. •Your husband and you need to be on the same page …

Husband's Sons Are Very Stubborn, What to Do? - About Islam

Husband's Sons Are Very Stubborn, What to Do?

In this counseling answer: Stubborn teens is a very common problem facing most of the parents, the counselor advises the sister that she needs to know that kids’ soul and body belong to Allah, not us, soour job is to just make surewe do our job right, and the rest is in Allah’s hand! The …

Black & American- Islam Gave Me Hope

My Memories - Being Black American Muslim

For African-American folks that are Muslim, we’re little more scattered, so there’s not a community if you will. There have been times over the years where there’s been communities that have been started, but for whatever reason folks chose to go their own ways.

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