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Syrian boy wins children peace prize

Syrian Boy Wins Children's Peace Prize

Mohamad Al Jounde, 16, is awarded the 2017 International Children’s Peace Prize, by Malala Yousafzai, the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, at The Hague, Netherlands, December 4, 2017. Theteenage Syrian refugee was recognizedfor building a school and providing an education to hundreds of children who fled to Lebanon to escape the conflict. Mohamad …

winter appeal

Winter Appeal: A Struggle for Survival

Sevenyears on and still millions of Syrians need your support. International and Muslim relief organizations again this year are requesting your support to help our brothers and sister in Syria overcome another harsh winter. Millions of men, women, boys and girls are internally displaced, many without adequate clothing and have to stay in make-shift shelters, …

Syrian children

The Lost Childhood of Syrian Children (Watch)

– What do you prefer for lunch tomorrow, honey? I’ll go now and prepare your lunchbox. – Can I have a tuna sandwich with some cucumbers? And some strawberries? Please? – Ok, but make sure you eat the whole meal, not just the strawberries. – I promise, mom. This is a typical conversation between a …

Syrian Babies Die of Malnutrition in Besieged Eastern Ghouta - About Islam

Syrian Babies Die of Malnutrition in Besieged Eastern Ghouta

More than a thousand children in eastern Syria’s Ghouta region are facing starvation, according to UNICEF. The region has been under siege by the Syrian regime since 2013 and very little food or aid is reaching the area. After death of one-month-old Sahar Dofdaa,aid officials warn of catastrophe and say many more children are at …

Syrian refugees

Syrian Man Sets Up a Farm in Greece to Help Refugees

A Syrian expatriate in Greece has launched an initiative to help refugees from his war-torn country. He started a farm so they can grow their own food. He left Syria back in the 70s and settled down in Athens. As Syrian refugees fled to Greecein 2015, he helped settle them in Athens’ abandoned building. His …


Syrian Refugees' Message to the Rohingya

As the genocidecarried out against Rohingya Muslims by the Myanmar army continues , Syrian refugees, upon seeing this grave injustice, decided to send a message to the persecuted Muslims in Rakhine State, where 300,000 Rohingyas have fled to neighboring Bangladesh. Click here to find Muslim relief organizations through which you can donate and support the …

Syrian Refugees Cook Feast for Irma Evacuees - About Islam

Syrian Refugees Cook Feast for Irma Evacuees

GEORGIA – Going through the feelings of leaving their homes, Syrian refugees in Clarkson, Georgia, rushed to help Americans who were forced to evacuate their homes after stricken by Hurricane Irma.

Syrian Refugee Achieves Record GCSE - About Islam

Syrian Refugee Achieves Record GCSE

For a refugee arriving only a few months ago, the GCSE results of Hamza Jouma could not be anything less than a huge success, becoming one of the best achievers in his new British school.

Syrians Host Free Dinner for Canadian Homeless - About Islam

Syrians Host Free Dinner for Canadian Homeless

Paying back to Saint John, New Brunswick, a group of Syrian refugees are planning a free dinner of Syrian cuisine to the city’s homeless to say thank you to the community which embraced them.

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