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free ways to study

13 Easy, Painless and Free Ways to Study Over Summer

We suggest three different approaches to keeping your brain well-running this summer: online courses, planning ahead, and/oreducating yourself. There are plenty of free ways to study while still enjoying your Summer break! If you were thinking these are your study-free months – but wait! There is lots of good reason andsciencethat encourages learning during the …

Comfortable and Breathable Hijab Summer Styles - About Islam

Comfortable and Breathable Hijab Summer Styles

Are you tired of wearing your hijab the same way everyday? Looking for a change whilst still keeping it halal? Here is a compilation of hijab styles you can try! Wearing Hijab in Summer – Try These 5 Tips

5 Tips for Summer Time

5 Tips for Better Use of Summer Time

Summer is here again! Most school and university students have finished their exams and started their summer vacation. Plans, dreams, and aspirations of how to spend this vacation are on the minds of young people. But the question is, are these plans beneficial for you and the community in which you live? The first thing …

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