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My Daugther Says She Wants to Die - About Islam

My Daugther Says She Wants to Die

In this counseling answer: •Simply being there for her, supporting her, talking to her and being engaged in her life will let her know that she always has your support whatever it is she may be facing. •Try not to push her to talk about what bothers her as this may push her away from …

What to Do If My Teen Is Thinking About Suicide?

What to Do If My Teen Is Thinking About Suicide?

In this counseling answer: •Please do evaluate your teen. Ask your teen to describe what he/she is feeling, are they depressed, how long has this been going on (thoughts of suicide), if there has been any trauma to cause this and ask how can you help. •Ask your teen the following: If he/she has a …

Past Suicide Attempts Still Affect My Life

Past Suicide Attempts Still Affect My Life

In this counseling answer: • I highly suggest you seek out counseling in your area to address your issues as well as having someone whom you can confide in. • Remember, if we take or attempt to take our own life (suicide), we are trying to perform a function that belongs to God (swt). • …

Husband Threatens Me with Suicide Is This Normal

Husband Threatens Me with Suicide; Is This Normal?

In this counseling answer: • It is NOT normal for a spouse to threaten suicide.It is not normal for anyone to threaten suicide to anyone else. • Ask yourself something sister, what defines a religious man? • I encourage you to go to your family for help in seeking a divorce.Please be prepared he may …

Is Suicide the Solution? Fadel Soliman Answers

Is Suicide the Solution? Check This Answer

The very idea that someone wants to die is frightening. As a result, suicide is not an easy topic to discuss. However, talking about it does save lives. Would suicide really help? The huge pains that many people go through may prompt them to consider ending their life, but is it a wise decision? Will …

Punishment Suicide

What's The Punishment for Committing Suicide?

Short Answer:It is understood that in the lifehereafter, one would continue doing the action which led to one’s self-inflicted death, again and again, according to ahadiththat speaks about this. However, some important scholars in thehistory of Islamhave said that the punishment in hell will not be eternal. But, the deeper question is: what’s bad about …

Suicide In Islam

Suicide In Islam

We know that suicide in Islam is haram. But what about those people who are clinically depressed? Those who do not function properly in their mind? Beautiful response from Shaykh Hamza Yusuf.

I Wanted to Kill Myself But I Found Happiness in Islam

I Wanted to Kill Myself But I Found Happiness in Islam

Last year, I wanted to kill myself. I didn’t know how I was going to do it, so I found a website called Chatous. I just wanted to talk to a random stranger to get all my thoughts out of my head. I met this boy there. His name is Zain. And we started talking…

On Suicide, Mental Health and Spirituality

Is Faith the Ultimate Solution to All Mental Health Issues?

According to World Health Organisation, approximately 800,000 people die by suicide globally each year, with many more attempting it. Until recently, this might have been something associated mainly with the Western, non-Muslim countries. However, recent suicides at the Grand Mosque in Mecca have got us thinking otherwise. In light of these events, it is important …


Facts About Depression

We all have our days where we feel down or disappointed. An argument with a loved one or a bad score on a test can cause these. Normal moments of sadness will pass and we recover within a reasonable amount of time. Depression will last much longer than sadness and it goes deeper. Depression will …

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