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My Husband's Sudden Death: Will He Forgive Me?

Short Answer: Pious Muslims will be reunited in Paradise with those of their family members who were righteous like them. So, it is hoped that the same will be true for you and your husband. Whenever you are overcome with regret, just seek Allah’s forgiveness for your past sins. Ask Allah to forgive you for …

My Son Drowned; My Life Will Never Be the Same Again

My Son Drowned; My Life Will Never Be the Same Again

In this counseling answer: • Guilt is part of the grieving process as well and a component of responsibility. • Speak to your husband; Seek out friends and family who are supportive and uplifting. • Try to focus your thoughts on outside activities to help you acclimate towards healing and be gentle with your spirit and …


He Died Right in Front of Me

As salamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh my dear sister, You have done well to find your feet on the path of Islam, and we pray that you will find from it the strength to make sense of what is happening now for you and your daughter, in sha ‘Allah. Coping with death in the family …

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