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Marriage: The Seven Pillars of Growth

Marriage: The Seven Pillars of Growth

In my work as a relationships and marriage counselor, I always make sure we practice skills in the session because I know change occurs through time and repetition. When couples go home with some new skills to practice, sometimes they come back to my office complaining that they didn’t succeed. Sometimes they give up because …

HIV Test Before Marriage

HIV Test Before Marriage: Necessary?

Wa`alykum as-salaamu warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh. In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger. In this fatwa: Undergoing medical tests as a protection is highly encouraged and advocated; particularly if there are reasonable justifications. In his response to the question …

strong marriage

How Does a Muslim Couple Build a Strong Marriage?

Short Answer:First it’s necessary to ensure one has pure intentions in pursuing marriage. Then, one searches for a suitable mate in a suitable way. Next, one should make one’s interest known to both the intended and his or her family.Next, the families should meet together to arrange a healthy marriage contract. The engaged couple should …

How to Build a Successful Interfaith Marriage

How to Build a Successful Interfaith Marriage?

Short Answer:You should both enter the marriage with respect for the other’s beliefs.Discuss with her issues relating to religion and child rearing before marriage. Make sure thatlove, caring, communicating and mutual respect are the basis of your life together. Make sure that you raise your childrenas Muslims. _____________________________________ As-Salamu Alaykum Dear Ardi, Thank you for …

Intercultural Marriage

Intercultural Marriage: Muslim Women Narrate Their Stories

Sister Maryam remembers five years ago when her brother came to her after her wedding and narrated something he had heard at her nikaah . One of the guests was overheard telling another guest, “How could her father allow her to marry that man.” That man was her husband and he was an Egyptian. Sister …

Muslim Marriage

How Should a Muslim Marriage and Reception Be?

Short Answer: There no real problem if the Muslim community can hold receptions, where women and men can share a space of social life, those might be on one side and these on the other. Seeing each other is not a problem as long as women are properly dressed and minding the “body language” appropriate …

marital rape Islam

Marital Rape OK within Islamic Marriage?!

SalamDear Bethany, Thank you for your interesting question and for contacting Ask About Islam. Context: Sexual Pleasure forBoth Parties First, the Quranic verse that you mentioned has a completely different interpretation than the one you thought of. It doesn’t mean any sense of sexual exploitation. Actually, it was revealed on the occasion that some of …

Why Get Married If This Will Kill My Dreams?

Why Get Married If This Will Kill My Dreams?

Answer: Salam ‘Aleikom, Thank you for your question, brother. I love your honesty. I think it’s a great question and I appreciate your frankness. It’s true; the world of marriage and family in this age we livein is pretty much a mess. I would argue with your claim, however, that there’s no such thing as …

Marriage First Night: What's Expected of Me?

Marriage First Night: What's Expected of Me?

Answer: As-Salamu `Alaikum, Thank you for writing to us. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. We makedu`aa’to Allah (swt) to bless your union and to grant you righteous offsprings. Ameen. First, plan to make Islam the foundation of your personal and marital life and, in sha’ Allah,all aspects of your life will be blessed by Allah …

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