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Ibn `Atta' on Ascending Levels of Worship

Ibn `Atta' on Ascending Levels of Worship

In his well-known book, Al-Hikam (Words of Wisdom), sheikh Ahmad Ibn `Ataa’illah As-Sakandari says: Allah diversified the acts of worship for you because He knows how quickly you get bored. And He did not permit you certain acts of worship at certain times so you do not go to extremes. The objective is to perfect your prayers …

Submission Is The Ultimate Success

Some people just use religion to get what they want at a convenient time. In actual fact, submission in Islam is the ultimate success and we have to understand that.

Why Do Muslims Love Ramadan?

Why Do Muslims Love the Month of Ramadan?

Ramadan is a month, which if used wisely, can recharge our spiritual and physical batteries. It is a month full of mercy and forgiveness when God makes it easy for us to overcome our shortcomings, when He rewards us in abundance. He is our Creator, who understands that we are far from perfect.

Salam - The Greeting of All Prophets

Salam - The Greeting of All Prophets

The Muslim greeting of salam “saying as-salamu alaykum” in Arabic means “peace be upon you”. It may be new to many that this greeting was taught by Moses and Jesus. The language of Moses was Hebrew: In Hebrew the greeting is: shalom aleichem…

Islam Is Submission

Islam is to submit yourself to the rules of Allah and not to follow your own desires. For those of us who submit ourselves to Allah, there will be the ultimate success.

How to Have Khushu' (Humble Submission) in Prayer

How to Have Khushu' (Humble Submission) in Prayer?

Short Answer: To get into a state of true presence in the prayer follow these 5 tips: Pay attention to the Qur’an you’re reading, recite and ponder deeply on Surat Al Fatihah, make dua in prostration or after your prayer, diversify the surahs you recite in prayer and confide in Allah (SWT) like you confide …

4 Elements Are Fixed Just by Fasting in Ramadan

4 Elements Are Fixed Just by Fasting in Ramadan

Fasting promotes the spirit of human equality before God. All able Muslims, male and female, rich and poor, from all ethnic and national backgrounds go through the same experience of deprivation with no special privileges or favor for any groups or class.

Who Gave the Name of Muslims? (Podcast)

The name has been given as followers of this religion of submission is a divine gift that God Almighty who named us as Muslims. And this name goes back before our own time and far before the time of Muhammad (peace be upon him). He was sometimes described in the Quran as ‘the first of the Muslims’.

Modernity and The Essential Message of Islam

Asalamu Alaikum Ananda,  Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. The word “Islam”, as you know, is derived from the root “s-l-m”, which means to surrender or submit. This surrender and peaceful submission to Allah Almighty is the way of life that Allah has decreed for mankind.  The basic teachings of Islam transcend time, and so, …

Humility - The Path to God

Humility comes from knowing about God and recognizing His greatness, venerating Him, loving Him and being in awe of Him; and it comes from knowing about oneself and one’s own faults, and weaknesses. God gives this characteristic to those who struggle to become close to Him through deeds of piety and righteousness.

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