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Muslim Women Embrace Aussie Students with Open Arms

Noticing a worrying increase in Islamophobia incidents in Australia, a group of Muslim women in Eastern Victoria, Gippsland, decided to take an action, creating a platform to bridge the gap between different cultures and religions


Many Reasons Why UK Schools Should Teach Arabic

According to a British Council report, Arabic is the second most important language of the future for British people with Spanish leading the top ten list. For that reason, the British council is urging UK schools to start teaching the Arabic language to their pupils. The significance of the Arabic language has been growing rapidly …

Muslims Outnumber Christians in UK Church Schools

Education experts revealed that Muslim students outnumber their Christian counterparts in almost 20 Church of England schools and 15 Roman Catholic schools, with their parents favoring religious education than secular one.

Finding Our Way (Part 3)

Many of us go through life, with all its ups and downs, and seldom stop to think what role faith plays, if any, in all of this. How do we understand faith? What function does faith serve in our lives, and is there any hope of recovering our faith if we’ve lost it?

Muslim Countries Excel in Synthetic Biology Competition

Three teams from Turkey and Pakistan won gold and bronze medals at the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) world championship held in Boston, US on 30 October 2016. The iGEM is an annual, international student competition in synthetic biology. Two teams from Turkey’s METU-HS-Ankara High School received gold medals and were nominated for the best …

N. Carolina Students Visit Local Mosque

Students from University of North Carolina made a rare visit to Apex mosque, to get a better understanding of Islam and Muslims, examining their culture and arts outside classrooms.

Oregon Students Protest Racism, Stress Unity

Students of a West Linn High School, Oregon, dared rain and walked out of class on Monday to make a clear statement that they are united against racism, following a number of overtly racist incidents in the first week after Donald Trump’s election.

A Man for All Seasons - 3

Negative life events are one of the major risk factors for depression. Islam plays an important role in helping Muslims cope with these events. It encourages them to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts and actions, and it counters feelings of hopelessness and despair with hope.

Muslim Expert Inspires US High School Students

Students in Neenah high school, in the north central United States in Winnebago County, Wisconsin, are finding a new inspiration in a Muslim expert who returned to share them true tenets of Islam more than two decades after graduating from their school.

Allah Sent Islam to My Very Home

I wrote a letter to my non-Muslim family telling them about my reversion and how it would and wouldn’t change our family relationships.

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