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Hindu Family

How Can I Pray When My Hindu Family Doesn't Know I Follow Islam?

Short Answer:In your case, this means that you should do the following. If it is possible, you can pray the missedMaghribandIshaprayers very late at night. You can do this after everyone else at home has gone to sleep. Do this if you have access to privacy at home i.e. a clean room. However, this might …

new muslims read

How Can New Muslims Read & Understand Quran?

Short Answer:First, find a good translation of the meanings of the Quran in your own language.If it’s your first time reading the Quran, plan a quick overview reading and a second in-depth reading. Also, listening to the Quran being recited can really help. If you come across something which is difficult to understand or which …

supporting new Muslims

Supporting New Muslims When Abuse Drives Them Away

Short Answer:“We ought to practice empathy and compassion. We should consider justhow difficult things can be as a convert…Their husband may be their main, or only, source of Islam and their only interaction with other Muslims.If they see him behaving badly, they may think that this is how all Muslims act, or even that this …

Forced to Do Haram: What to Do? - About Islam

Forced to Do Haram: What to Do?

Salam Brother, Thank you for sending in your question to our website. First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your conversion to Islam at such a young age! May Allah grant you high ranks of faith and righteous actions, and keep you steadfast upon Islam till your last breath. Ameen. You are …

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