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Finally at Peace with My Lord

In becoming a Muslim, I have merely obeyed the dictates of my conscience, and have since felt a better and a truer man. There is no religion that is so maligned by the ignorant and the biased as is Islam; yet if people only knew, it is the religion of strong for the weak, the rich for the poor.


Energy in Sports (Infograph)

Bioenergetics or the study of energy flow through living systems is one of the most important physiological fields that gives us awareness about the models of human energy systems as well as the challenges and limitations facing it, and in particular; “Fatigue”.

4 Ways to Enjoy This Life without Forgetting the Next

It’s not wrong to love this world, as it’s a place of enjoyment for us. However, when there is no balance, people will begin to seek out this world, like there is no Hereafter, and that is inappropriate for Muslims to vie for.

The Test

Our spirit matures in the face of tests and becomes prepared for bigger challenges, as the bigger the tests and harder the questions are, the more entitled the human is to pass the class and to rise higher in the school of human values and perfection.

Peace with My Spiritual Foundation

Everything I do comes with an awareness that I will be held accountable for my actions and that I need to constantly ask for Allah’s forgiveness. Islam has given me the purpose in life that I had been seeking. It is one of the few things I am passionate about.

German Lady Finds Islam in Dubai

I was raised with Muslims together. It started actually when my elder brother converted to Islam. The reason why he converted to Islam was that he married a Turkish Muslim woman. So being his sister and wanting to protect him in his decision, of course we went to Islamic centers. Well, I did.

Can Practicing Religion Make us Stronger at Heart?

If a prayer is done with Ihsan then every word of the prayer reminds the believer of Allah. When he says “Allahu akbar”, he is reminding himself that Allah is Greater than all of his urges and desires.

God, If You Exist Then Guide Me!

Eventually I realized that for people to even engage in a serious sincere attempt to achieve good conduct, including trying to learn right from wrong, they had to first accept the moral need to do so. Revelation is necessary for at least this reason.

Reflections on Spider Houses in the Quran

This verse reaffirmed my faith that Allah is the most high, all competent, and all wise. To put forth such a parable that can have so many layers and meaning is amazing to me.

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