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Converts to Islam - Between Religion and Family

Converts to Islam - Balancing Between Religion and Family

Many converts go through similar heart wrenching situations. They convert to Islam after serious thought and consideration and then they have to tell their family about the choice. This is a daunting task and much dread doing it because they fear they will be rejected.

Stories of the Prophet Muhammad’s Character

Stories of Prophet Muhammad’s Beautiful Character

One day, when the Prophet Muhammad was sitting in Madinah, members of a miserable tribe came. They had no shoes. Their skin was stuck to their bones because of hunger. The Prophet became very sad upon seeing their condition and his color changed…

My First Hajj - Tips and Stories

My First Hajj - Tips and Stories

This was unlike any other experience. We had read that we would all be reciting the above words, but yet the actual experience of reciting it, all of us together, created an amazing feeling of unity. This is a feeling you seldom find in the Ummah on a daily basis…

Traveling the Islamic Style - 5 Things I Enjoyed in Tunisia

Traveling the Islamic Style - 5 Things I Enjoyed in Tunisia

I have just returned from the most amazing holiday in Tunisia. My husband and I traveled to the Yasmine Hammamet area of Tunisia. Although the area was commercialized to some extend for tourism, I still found that it kept many of its traditional roots…

Why Are Conversions Increasing with Terrorist Activity?

Why is Converting to Islam Still on the Rise?

I’ve noticed in my extensive research of Muslim converts, that just about every single one of them did extensive research which included reading the Quran, most often the entire Quran, sometimes several times over before coming to a decision.

Stories of Converts in Ramadan

Stories of Converts in Ramadan

It was Ramadan and the time for reward was slipping away quickly. My cohorts and I decided to seize the opportunity. We set up in the mosque to pray through the night in the last ten days of Ramadan. In the small hours of the morning, we alternately snacked…

Stories of Forgiveness in Ramadan

Stories of Forgiveness in Ramadan

After all, who am I to withhold forgiveness if I am so in need of it myself? But sometimes people do things that are just so intentionally hurtful that it tries even my forgiving nature. My brother is one of those people. He is the kind of person who…

5 Stories in the Quran Will Boost Your Patience

These 5 Stories in the Quran Will Boost Your Patience

Since having patience is something so important and necessary for each one of us, it’s not surprising that Allah has given us wonderful examples of patience in the Quran, patience displayed by the heroes of Islam throughout different ages and times…

Stories of Converts’ First Ramadan

Stories of Converts' First Ramadan (Folder)

For new Muslims who are fasting for the first time this Ramadan, we prepared this folder which contains many interesting stories, reflections, and memories of reverts who shared their experiences of fasting.

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