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The Night Visitor - An Invitation to Ponder

Chapter 86 At-Tariq (The Night Visitor)

We are given the impression that it is serious, perhaps even beyond explanation. It is, we are then told, the star of piecing brightness. A star whose light penetrates or cuts through the darkness.

Kader Khan: Bollywood Star-Turned-Islamic Scholar Dies

TORONTO – One of India’s most famous comedians has died in a Toronto hospital, years after abandoning cinema to start special academic Islamic studies, Arabic, and Urdu, India Today reported. “Though deeply immersed in Bollywood, around the early 1990s, he bowed before the wishes of his aged father, the late Maulana Abdul Rahman Khan, to …

Did You Know Most of Brightest Stars Have Arabic Names

Most of Brightest Stars Have Arabic Names

Because of the prominent role of Muslim astronomers during the Islamic Golden Ages, many of the stars that have been named actually have an Arabic name. The names are Latinized, but we can often find traces of the Arabic words in them. Islamic astronomers, such as Abd al-Rahman al-Sufi, had an important role in the …

An-Najm- God's Great Oath on the Star

An-Najm- God's Great Oath on the Star

The Prophet saw Gabriel another time when he was taken to the journey of the heavens, which is commonly known as the incident of “Mi’raj” or the “Night Journey.” God made him see many signs of His power, including Paradise and Hell, so that when He spread God’s message to…


Happy New Year 6259, Egypt!

Every year on September 11th -or 12thin leap years only- Egypt witnesses the beginning of its “Egyptian Year,” the first invented calendar in the world. The story of the Egyptian calendar dates back to the year 4241 BC when Egyptians retired their old lunar calendar after discovering the discrepancy between it and the actual passage …

Solar panel

How Do Solar Panels Work? (Video)

Planet Earth intercepts a lot of solar power upto 173,000 terawatts. That’s 10,000 times more power than the planet’s population uses.

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