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Islam Enlightened Me

I never felt myself close to God as a non-Muslim and never felt a sense of satisfaction through my acts of worship. With the acceptance of Islam, there has been an enhancement of my spirituality…

Following the Quran, Sunnah & Ahl al-Bayt

The Prophet’s Sunnah, as a way of life, was perfectly typified by each and every member of his household, certainly more than anyone else, due to their constant proximity to and most intimate contacts with the Prophet which allowed them to be the immediate, and often first, recipients of his knowledge, wisdom and counsel.

Spirituality vs. Society

Spirituality at Odds with Society? (+Video)

True spirituality is to be able to move from those moments of solitude with Allah to begin to find spiritual peace and tranquility within the creation and when dealing with others. Allah Almighty says about the prophets that they used to walk in the markets; that they used to deal with people.

Turn to Allah and Trust in Him

Islam teaches us that every one of us can find comfort only by turning to God and tranquility that results from this communication is mentioned in many verses.

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