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Stay Afloat in the Ocean of Life

Now if you think about this life as an ocean, and think about the boat as your heart: as long as that boat stays on top of the water- on top of the ocean (the dunya) and doesn’t let the water in, it’s fine. It stays floating and it is ok. But as soon as that boat allows water into it, that’s when it sinks.

The Triangle of Inner Peace: Shining Examples

I learned from Maryam that amazing things didn’t happen to/for Maryam because she was superhuman. She was as human as you or me. But that Allah provided for her in amazing ways because Maryam devoted herself to being amazingly virtuous.

Wisdom: A Fresh Look at Islam (Part 1)

Wisdom dictates that when a particular information does not fit the time and place nor serve the purpose, that information should not be addressed. This faculty of wisdom in today’s world is a science called Reliability, or the study of how reliable an act or a design is.

On the Journey to Allah, Beware of Three

Being pleased with ourselves leads us to commit violations against ourselves and forgo the very happiness that we claim to be pursuing. It also prevents the kind of critical self-reflection that can lead to positive growth.

What Would Muhammad Do?

What can we learn from the Prophet’s character and how can we implement these learnings in our lives today? Can we always be truthful like him who was known as As-Sadik or the truthful one? Can we be kind in the face of adversity as he was? And can such kindness help us deal with Islamophobia?

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