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Turn Your Back to Dunya - The Shadow of Illusion

Turn Your Back to Dunya - The Shadow of Illusion

The dunya is a tool. It is about how we use it and how our attitude towards it is. When we turn our backs to it, we do not stop utilizing it for what it is. We just do not make it a matter of our concerns.

4 Reasons Why Forgiveness Is Good for the Soul

4 Reasons Why Forgiveness is Good for Your Soul

One thing that really helps me in forgiving others is to remind myself of my own shortcomings, and the times that I’ve messed up by hurting others or my own self. Yet I still hope and expect that Allah will forgive me, because He is the Most Merciful.

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Dealing with Anxiety: 3 Step Process to Success

Know that Allah is the Writer of your story. Know that not a leaf falls on earth except by His Knowledge. And know that when all else fails, He is there taking care of us. He is The Guardian Friend of those who believe.

8 Practical Tips for Dhul-Hijjah Days.... #7 Is Really Easy

8 Practical Tips for Dhul-Hijjah Days.... #7 Is Really Easy

Have you missed some of the precious time of the previous Ramadan? Do you feel you could have done more in that blessed month? Are you disappointed with your performance during the last ten days of Ramadan and feel an overwhelming yearning for the spirituality of Laylat Al-Qadr? Well, you have another chance! It is …

Do You Know the Greatest Pleasure in Paradise?

Do You Know the Greatest Pleasure in Paradise?

In a very beautiful hadith it is narrated that `Ammar ibn Yasir (may Allah be pleased with him) led a group in Salah and he made it short. After he finished, made the after-prayer dhikr, and walked out the masjid. Some people followed him and said, “You led us for a too short prayer. Why …

My First Hajj - Tips and Stories

My First Hajj - Tips and Stories

This was unlike any other experience. We had read that we would all be reciting the above words, but yet the actual experience of reciting it, all of us together, created an amazing feeling of unity. This is a feeling you seldom find in the Ummah on a daily basis…

Longing for Hajj

Many Years Longing for Hajj: A Story from Australia

Preparing for hajj we must have the right mentality, otherwise we would find it very difficult to cope. Take one thing at a time, have the intention to please God in the best way possible, and go with an open mind. Take Hajj as a journey.

think about death

Is It Bad To Think About Death Often? I'm Afraid!

Short Answer:Actually,remembering death is not a bad thing. It’sessential to remember that death is a fact that will happen and can happen to any of us at any minute. It is a fact, and it’s not healthy to ignore or run away from this fact. Rather than being afraid of death, prepare for it. Understand …

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