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Is Afterlife Real?

Is Afterlife Real?

Most religions and faiths believe in the existence of an afterlife. For some, this is in the form of reincarnation. For others, there is heaven and hell. Is there a way to find scientific evidence that points to the existence of an afterlife? When the physical body dies, how is the afterlife experienced? Is it …

Hajj journey within and without

Hajj - A Journey Within and Without

Hajj is primarily an inner travel, and when the pilgrims come from the most important of all the rituals of them all, the day of prayer at the Arafah plain, they come out as clean (inwardly) as newborn babies. It is a once-in-a-lifetime for most of us, when we get a chance like this, and as such, hajj is an extremely unique experience.

Who Invented the Trinity? - About Islam

Who Invented the Trinity?

When controversy over the matter of the Trinity blew up in 318 between two churchmen from Alexandria – Arius, the deacon, and Alexander, his bishop – Emperor Constantine stepped into the fray…

Overcoming Feelings of Lower Self - About Islam

Overcoming Feelings of Lower Self

Struggling with the lower-self is easy for those who believe, but some people still think that it would cause them pain, since they convince themselves that it is a very difficult struggle. Such people imagine that it is almost impossible to forgive someone when they fume at someone.

5 Ways to Care for Your Soul - About Islam

5 Ways to Care for Your Soul

All my experience of life: material experience, intellectual experience, psychological and emotional experience. I must understand and live them all within the envelope of my spiritual reality, because that is what identifies me as a spiritual human being…

Spiritual Life in a Materialistic World - About Islam

Spiritual Life in a Materialistic World

It is very difficult to have a spiritual life in a time when minds are polluted, hearts are sinned and reasoning and judgment are affected with worldly diseases. Nevertheless, when a person gives the willpower its due and tries to get rid of such influences as much as possible he/she can reach a life in the dimensions of heart and spirit.

Why Celebrate Eid? - About Islam

Why Celebrate Eid?

The individual who succeeds in securing his spiritual rights and growth receives the ‘Eid with a victorious spirit. The individual who faithfully observes the duties, which are associated with the ‘Eid, is a triumphant one. He proves that he holds a strong command over his desires…

The Spirit of the Law - About Islam

The Spirit of the Law

It is with sincere intentions we so often cling to such a strict interpretation of the religion. As is so often the case in these situations, balanced Islam saved my friend from her extremist practice of Islam. What happened to make her adjust her thinking?

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