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Get Rid of Sorrow - About Islam

Get Rid of Sorrow

Why do you look so sad? What is the point of sorrow in your life? Are you living your life or just surviving? People may laugh and play, but does that mean they don’t harbor sorrow and regret? If all the world continually grumbled about their problems, the world would be overcome with sorrow and …

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How Can We Cultivate Joy In The Midst of Sorrow?

Asalaamu alaykum, dear sister, Thank you for sending us this question, as it is a real struggle that many or even most people have. How can we show gratitude to Allah in the midst of so much pain and hardship? How can we find joy and peace and purpose on the days when it seems …

Seerah Of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) - The Year Of Sorrow

Seerah Of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) - The Year Of Sorrow

The Year of Sorrow is named like this because Prophet Muhammad (SAW) lost his beloved wife, Khadija and his beloved uncle Abu Talib, who used to protect him against the people of the Quraish. Abu Talib never took his shahadah of course. Dr. Yasir Qadhi goes through this terrible year.

Learn to Speak the Language of Compassion - About Islam

Learn to Speak the Language of Compassion

The language of compassion has been lost through the lines of time, with tension growing between families, small-knit societies and countries. With compassion resting on shaky grounds, our nation too feels the tremors of conflict and are encouraged to emulate…

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