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Pride of Reading award

Grandmother Who Stands in Solidarity with Muslims Nominated for Pride of Reading Award

A 69-year-old grandmother who stands outside an Islamic Center with a sign that says ‘I am your friend, I will watch while you pray’has been nominated foraPride of Reading Award, Jean Scott-Barr has been standing outside an Islamic Center ever since the Christchurch mosque attacks. An anonymous person nominated Jean for the award, saying: “Jean’s …


Making Hajj in a Wheelchair

Shari’ah doesn’t obligate disabled Muslims to perform hajj. Nevertheless, a strong desire to make this spiritual journey pulls on the heartstrings of every Muslim. In past ages, the physical challenge of Hajj was far more rigorous than our air-conditioned era of comfortable accommodations. Nowadays, compassionate attention to the needs of disabled Muslims means that more …

Islam and Civic Engagement

Islam and Civic Engagement

For Muslims living in the West, questions concerning civic engagement with the broader society abound. Should we engage? If so, how should we engage? And what should be the basis of our engagement? Fortunately for us, Allah the Exalted has not left us without guidance on this issue.A careful examination of the Qur’an and Sunnah …

Notre-Dame Fire

French Muslims Show Solidarity with Catholics Over Notre-Dame Fire

Showing solidarity with the Catholics, French Muslims have participated in an inter-religious gathering to show support, as France is still coming to terms with last April’s fire that damaged Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris,International La Croix reported. “We have come for the union between Muslims and Christians. We want peace in France. We too are with …

7 FAQs About Zakat al-Fitr

7 FAQs About Zakat al-Fitr

Zakat al-Fitr is one of the unique rituals associated with the day of `Eid al-Fitr. It is a beautiful worship meant to help the poor share the joy and happiness of `Eid and to purify the believers. As we are approaching `Eid,you may be interested to know the answer for the following 7 common questions: …

US Muslim Group Calls for Day of Solidarity with People of Sri Lanka - About Islam

US Muslim Group Calls for Day of Solidarity with People of Sri Lanka

A leading North American Muslim organization announced Friday, April 26, as a “Day of Solidarity with people of Sri Lanka”, urging imams to share a unified appeal during their sermon. “We request the Imams and Khateebs to share this “Khutbah & Appeal” in their upcoming Friday Khutbah,” Javaid Siddiqi, President of the Islamic Circle of …

Mother, Son Help Kiwis Send Love Cards to Christchurch Victims

Mother, Son Help Kiwis Send Love Cards to Christchurch Victims

A New Zealand mother and her young son are helping Kiwis send their love messages to Muslims affected by the Christchurch terrorist attack, Now To Love reported Thursday. “This is such a heavy and sad time for New Zealand,” Hannah Rodgers says. “My hope is that people see this as an avenue to do something …

How 'Peaceful' Ipswich Supports Its Growing Muslim Community - About Islam

How 'Peaceful' Ipswich Supports Its Growing Muslim Community

The Muslim community of Ipswich has grown significantly over recent years, encouraged by the town’s “peaceful, friendly” atmosphere “The Quakers, who have a church up the road, came with banners saying ‘what hurts one, hurts us all’ in a statement of solidarity” Following the Christchurch massacre last month, Ipswich Quakers and other members of the …

UK Muslim Reflects on Woman’s Solidarity Message - About Islam

UK Muslim Reflects on Woman’s Solidarity Message

For Dr. Saqib Choudhary, the sight of a hijabi, non-Muslim woman with a sign reading “I am your friend” summed up the very special, peaceful and supporting community in Reading, Berkshire, Getreading reported. “This is a diverse community and a peaceful society,” Dr. Choudhary, 41, who lives in Wokingham, said. “Humanity surpasses everything else, and …

Tuareg Tribesman Exemplified Islamic Solidarity

How Tuareg Tribesman Exemplified Islamic Solidarity

I have seen certain Tuareg tribes of North Africa display this blissful solidarity in their lives. No one among them lives for himself only; he lives for his people. My attention was first attracted to them by a Muslim who left his own country and settled among the Tuaregs in Fezzan.

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