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When to Start Feeding Your Baby Solid Foods?

When to Start Feeding Your Baby Solid Foods?

In this counseling answer: “Around 9 months old, the baby will be willing to either transition to a bottle, or, like my first baby, just start using a cup. When the baby gets a few teeth, you can put some soft cooked broccoli, or vegetables, or other healthy food chopped up into small bites on …

What to Feed My 10-Month-Old? - About Islam

What to Feed My 10-Month-Old?

In this counseling answer: •Babies nearing one year usually are interested in trying new textures but are sometimes wary of new tastes. •Try some steamed vegetables instead of the baby food vegetables, and if you give broccoli, for example, make sure that they are soft enough and finger-sized so that the baby doesn’t choke. •If …


From Breastfeeding to Formula Feeding

In this counseling answer: • Keep feeding times short.Remember, tiny babies still have tiny tummies. Small, frequent feedings are still the best Don’t overwhelm baby with a whole pile of food on her plate. • Withformula-fed babies, offer new foods in the morning.If by some chance your baby is allergic to a particular food, the …

Running Out of Milk, What to Do? - About Islam

Running Out of Milk, What to Do?

As salmu`alaykumdaer sister, Working mothers! may Allah be with them, they need all the du`aa` and you are no exception. A mother should be able to feed her baby freely and without any stress for two years and she should be paid for this, after all this child is his country’s future. However pumping is …

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