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5 Tips for Courtship in Islam

In this video, professionalcounselorKarim Serageldin givestips to keep in mind as you get to know someone for the sake of marriage in the context of western culture. Karim Serageldin, founder of Noor Human Consulting, completed his BA in psychology & religion, followed by an MA in east-west psychology with a specialization in spiritual counseling. He …

Husband Won't Say "I Love You"

Husband Won't Say "I Love You"

Answer: As-Salamu ‘Alaikum dear sister, Thank you for reaching out to us and trusting us with your question. I understand the sadness you must be feeling. However, in order to find the solution to any problem, proper communication should be used. Communicate your feelings openly For your marriage to be successful, you must learn to …

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