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Thousands of Food Tons Go to Waste in Ramadan: Malaysian Corp

The Solid Waste and Public Cleansing Management Corporation (SWCorp) in Malaysia has discovered that 4,005 tons of edible food are thrown away daily in landfills during Ramadan, Malay Mail reported. “This amount of food waste could have fed 2.97 million people three times daily,” assured SWCorp deputy chief executive officer (technical) Mohd Pauze Mohamad Taha. …

Social Network for Islamic Values & Charity Launched

A new social media platform named, Labayk, that describes itself as a “network of moral Islamic values and a respectful online environment” has been launched to encourage users to donate to charitable causes, The Jakarta Post reported. Labayk which means ‘at your service’ in Arabic was developed by a Muslim investment banker called Tanweer Khan …

How to Approach Shariah Laws and Women Issues

How to Approach Shariah Laws and Women Issues

Women issues are the real test for the current Islamic reform. The reason is that groundless and unfair differentiation between men and women is deeply embedded in many popular opinions that we inherited from the eras of decline of the Islamic civilization. First of all, it is necessary to make the following differentiations: – Between …

deduce shariah

Who Deduces Islamic Rulings and How?

Short Answer: Not every scholar of fiqh has this talent of deducing the rules of the Shari`ah. It needs an intensive study of the sources and their implications. The jurist must be familiar with the language of the Quran and the history of the Sunnah. The jurist must know the difference between the command, the prohibition, the recommendation, the …

Canadian mosque

Canadian Mosque Delivers Milestone 15,000th Meal

TARIC Islamic Centre serves up hundreds of meals a week to those in need The initiative overlaps with a holy month in the Islamic calendar, which recognizes the birth of Prophet Muhammad. TORONTO – A Canadian mosque dished out its milestone 15,000th meal as part of its soup kitchen and meal delivery service on December …

Hijab Ban

Nigerian Parents Sue School Over Hijab Ban

LAGOS – Nigerian Muslim parents sued a school in Ibadan, Nigeria after the administration barred 11 Muslim girls from wearing hijab in classrooms. Muslim News reported on December 3. The ISI Muslim Parents Forum asked the court to declare the action of the school “a violation of the students’ rights to freedom of thought, conscience and …

Quit Smoking

Entire Turkish Village Quits Smoking

YOZGAT – Although smoking is forbidden in Islam, millions of Muslims are unfortunately addicted to tobacco. But things are now different in Haydarbeyli, a village in Anatolia, Turkey, where none of its 180 residents smoke, and the handful that used to, have quit, Daily Sabah reported on December 3. One of the residents, Muhsin Varol, …

Dr. Jasser Auda: Different Types of Fiqh and a New Perspective

Different Types of Fiqh and a New Perspective

Are the Objectives of the Shariah identical with those of Fiqh? What were the reasons for developing the Fiqh of minorities? Is it still relevant? And what is the meaning of Fiqh of Citizenshhip? Is it really what we need in Muslim countries, or perhaps, some other approaches are necessary. Join Dr. Jasser Auda in …

Coffee Is Haram? How to Deal with a Strange Fatwa

Coffee Is Haram? How to Deal with a Strange Fatwa

Did you know that 5 centuries ago, drinking coffee in Makkah or in Cairo was illegal, punishable by jail and lashing? Why? Because it was the prevalent fatwa and fiqhi opinion that coffee was prohibited as a type of intoxicants.

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