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Sexually Harassed As a Child

Sexually Harassed As a Child, She Wants to Get Married

In this counseling answer: •If you want to help your friend, I kindly suggest that you advise her to address her traumatic past of sexual assault by getting counseling. Her feelings of shame is a key indicator of possibly deeper issues. It is also the tip of the problems you are presenting as there may …

Sexually Harassed While Performing Hajj

Sexually Harassed While Performing Hajj

In this counseling answer: • I kindly suggest you makedu’aa’to Allah (swt), asking Him (swt) to help you erase this from your mind so you can enjoy the profound blessings and experiences from Hajj. • You did nothing wrong. He did. Please, sister, don’t let it tarnish your feelings for all Muslim men. More importantly, …

What You Should Do If Sexually HarassedWhat You Should Do If Sexually Harassed

What You Should Do If Sexually Harassed

We live in a hyper-sexualized society where sexual harassment is an ongoing issue. Sexual harassment is not a new occurrence, but due to mass media it has become an increasingly discussed topic. Sisters from around the world are stepping out in solidarity to speak about what happened to them and sometimes the perpetrators are respected …

Sexual harassment

Should We Talk about Sexual Harassment Among Muslims?

Muslim and nonMuslim; niqabi, hijabi, or none; from the Maldives to the American Mid-West, Pakistan to Pennsylvania, Saudi Arabia to Saskatchewan, India to Italy… women (and men) around the world are speaking up about their experiences being sexually harassed, molested, and abused. Originally founded by Tarana Burke, the trending hashtag and the movement behind it …

hijab sexual assault

Does Hijab Guarantee Protection From Sexual Assault?

Short Answer:Of course not. It’s mere fabric, and it’s not meant to protect us. It’s an act of worship, not a means of protection. Women in hijab are sexually assaulted just as often as other women. Sexual assault or harassment isnever the victim’s fault, regardless what she was wearing. Of course women are permitted to …


#MeToo Exposes the Frightening Scale of Sexual Harassment

Using the hashtag #MeToo,womenhave been posting messages on social media to tell their stories and show how commonplace sexual assault and harassment are. The hashtag has become trending with a frightening number of women sharing their experiences as victims of sexual assault. Since The New York Times published aninvestigative reporton Oct. 5unveiling decades of sexual …

sexual abuse

Sexual Abuse: Be By Your Child’s Side

No doubt watching a child suffering from physical abuse is very painful, however knowing how sexual abuse affects the physical and psychological well-being of our children is much more devastating. Although physical abuse is more tangible with its bruises and scars, sexual abuse print has a far-reaching, profound and persistent effects. Contrary to the conviction …

Trump & Sexual harassment

Trump Men to Women: Sexually Harassed? Get a Life

No woman should ever have to choose between walking away from a job and tolerating sexual harassment. Social media headlines of Donald Trump’s seemingly exhausting need to reaffirm to the world what little regard he actually holds for women, set my brain on fire today. It all hit a little closer to home as I …

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