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10 Useful Strategies That Help You Quit Porn

10 Useful Strategies that Help You Quit Porn

Watchingpornis a common problem with teens and adultsas well.Once you begin to view pornography on a regular basis, it does, indeed, become addictive, and it affects the way you view the opposite sex, relationships, and sex in general. There are countless stories of the negative effects of porn on individuals – both married and single. …

I am Addicted to Sex & Masturbation

I am Addicted to Sex & Masturbation

Answer: Salamu ‘Alaikum Brother, Thank you for sending us your question. I ask Allah (swt) to help you overcome your weaknesses and to overcome your addiction. Brother, you are on the right track when you confessed to yourself and to us through your written question that you are, indeed, addicted to something. In your case, …

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