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Dr. Qadhi: Separating Children from Parents Is Barbaric Practice

Dr. Qadhi: Separating Children from Parents at Border Is Barbaric

I have refrained from commenting on a story that has not left my mind since it surfaced. The inhumane and incomprehensible Trump policy of separating children from their parents and locking them up. This is for no crime other than – let’s face it – the color of their skin and the geographic location of …

Separating Children

US Muslims Campaign Against Separating Children from Parents

WASHINGTON – For months the American administration of Donald Trump have been sending babies and other children forcibly separated from their parents at the American-Mexican border to at least 16 ‘tender age’ shelters in 14 states, News agencies reported on June 19. “I’m in perpetual outrage every single day. We’re all outraged at the family …

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