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The Second Coming of Jesus

Short Answer: In Islam, the second coming of Christ (PBUH) is not only one of the peculiar signs of The Final Hour, but it is also a glorious conclusion of the history-long confrontation between tawheed (monotheism) of all genuine prophets on the one hand, and the multitude of polytheist deviations (deifying Jesus, etc.) that corrupted the teachings of Jesus after his …

Jesus return

How Will Jesus Return? Born of a Virgin or From the Sky?

Short Answer: “We find the expression that Jesus will “descend” among the people. This is repeated in several hadiths. But we do not find the expression that he will be “born” a second time… Jesus’ second coming will be in the same form as he was at the time when he was raised up. He will appear among the …

Islam rapture

What Does Islam Teach About The "Rapture"?

Short answer: There is no concept of a “rapture” within Islamic teachings, and the vast majority of Christians don’t even subscribe to this view, one which was only propagated in the early 1830’s. Peace be with you, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. Your question regards the eschatology of Christianity, or …

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