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How Can We Be Sure That the Quran is Authentic?

How can we be sure that God’s words have not be changed or lost? How can we be sure that the Quran we hold in our hands today is authentic? Muslims have no doubt that Quran is exactly the same today as it was more than 1400 years ago when it was first revealed…

Why Do You Read Quran?

Why Do You Read Quran?

To attain a faithful relation with the Quran, you need to read it with no purpose other than to receive guidance from your Lord, to come nearer to Him, and to seek His good pleasure. What you get from the Quran depends on what you come to it for. Your niyyah (intention and purpose) is …

Transmission of the Quran Written Text

Transmission of the Quran Written Text

The general meaning of jam` al-Quran is to ‘bring together the Quran.’ This was done and has to be understood in two ways: Bringing together the Quran orally, or in one’s mind (hifz). Bringing together the Quran in written form, or on sheets, or in a book. Therefore, Jam` al-Quran in the classical literature has …

How Muslims Trivialize the Qur’anHow Muslims Trivialize the Qur’an

How Muslims Trivialize the Qur’an

The crux of the Islamic worldview is the primordial principle of justice, which is represented in the Qur’an mainly by three terms: `adl, qist, and mizan. Although the first two are synonymous, the former is generally interpreted as justice and the latter as equity or fairness. Mizan is the scale or balance that determines the administration and condition of justice. …

The Truth I Discovered about the Real Jesus Led Me to Islam!

For me, the proof that Islam is the Truth, there could be many examples actually and many evidences that would show that. For example, the Quran itself is a miracle in its structure; in its Arabic language in its eloquence. There are also scientific statements in the Quran…

Jesus’ Ascension and Resurrection

Why were there Resurrection and Ascension if Jesus had been already crucified and killed? The biblical account combines both rescue and forsaking at the same time. According to the Quran, Jesus was raised as way out of killing. Thus, Ascension was a sort of rescue and protection.

How to Understand the Quran Correctly

The Quran becomes a source of peace, guidance and mercy for anyone who seeks to become closer to Allah, but it is all the more so for those with a broken soul and a shattered will who want to turn back towards Allah in repentance and submission…

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