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Muslims of Scotland and the Islamic Tartan

Bagpipes, historic castles and dare I say, the Lochness monster! These are a few things that define the country of Scotland, and with a growing Muslim population it now has the added attractions of domes, minarets and Islamic tartan. Yes! Islamic tartan! In a country with a population of 5.4 million, there are about seventy …

Defying Odds, Visually-Impaired Hijabi Thrives as Boxer

‘I’m a Muslim woman, I’m visually impaired and I’m a boxer’ GLASGOW – Despite the fact that Sannah Hussain was born with weak muscles and serious visual impairment, the fit, strong Muslim woman has a steely determination to succeed in the boxing ring. “I’ve always been an active person regardless of my vision, regardless of …

Scotland Police Adds Hijab to Uniform

In a bid to encourage more Muslim women to join their forces, Police Scotland has announced plans to introduce hijab as part of its uniform, accommodating Muslims in the society.

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