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lying haraam

Why Trust Muslims? Can't They Lie To Non-Muslims?

Short Answer:Let me start by saying that lying is considered a sin in Islam, and it does not matter to whom the Muslim is lying. Lying to a non-Muslim is exactly as sinful as lying to a Muslim.When a Muslim tells you that “Islam is peace” that is because the word “Islam” in the Arabic …

Fool's day

April Fool’s Day: Muslims Also Like to Have Fun

Blue food coloring on toothbrushes. Glue on doorknobs and mayonnaise-filled donuts. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens… Oops wait, I think I confused favorite things with funny pranks LOL. But then again that’s what April Fool’s Day is all about, it’s actually some people’s favorite day of the year, where they get to make …

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