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enjoy life

Why Does God Forbid Muslims To Enjoy Life?

Short Answer: Islam does not forbid fun!Haram(forbidden) is the exception andhalal(permissible) is the principle. Islamic Law was not revealed to restrain people, confiscate their freedom, or to make their life hard and miserable. The rules in Islam allow a Muslim to fulfill his urges without being taken captive by them. Salam (Peace) Dear Dominick, Thank …

prohibit food

Why Does God Prohibit Certain Kinds of Food?

Short Answer:Basically, because He has wisdom we don’t have about the correct way in which our body was meant to function. He knows better what is good for us from among His Creation. He orders, we obey. Salam Dear Awad, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. As for the prohibition …

Are the Rules of Islam Difficult to Practice?

Are the Rules of Islam Difficult to Practice?

If you are a teenager finding it difficult to follow the many rules of Islam, then what you need is the right perspective of looking at these rules. Think it in terms of traffic rules. Why did the authorities set these particular rules in place? Why is a certain road…


Will I Love Jannah? Is it Worth the Struggle?

Short Answer:The actual double loss is for those who didn’t know or connect with Allah. This life is temporary and it will end abruptly at any second. Having piles of worldly enjoyment never really bring deep happiness to people, and many studies prove that. The more you have from this life, the more you’ll feel …

safe hellfire

Why Follow The Rules If Muslims Are Safe From Hellfire?

Salaam alaikum, Thank you for contacting About Islam. I feel that you brought up several great questions. When we look at the Islamic textual sources, it is clear that we must be Muslims of good belief and character for several reasons. What does the Quran say? The Quran suggests that some “people will prefer blindness …

love rules Islam

If God Loves Us, Why So Many Rules in Islam? (Part 2)

In the first part of this answer, we examined the meaning and implications of guidance and love. Now, let’s talk about why there are instructions in Islam in the first place. Why are there instructions? Every single instruction in Islam is there essentially to benefit us and allow us to enjoy the love of …

love rules

If God Loves Us, Why So Many Rules in Islam?

Part 2 Peace be upon you, Dear Reader, Thank you so much for this interesting question. Let’s think about it together. Imagine there are two mothers. The First Mother: All “Love”, No Rules The first mother loves her child and gives him no rules or instructions whatsoever. She sees her child getting dirty, not taking …

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