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Sonny Bill Williams Talks about Inspiring Young Muslims

As a committed Muslim, New Zealand rugby superstar Sonny Bill Williams hopes to continue inspiring young Muslims, Pacific Islanders and his children, as he looks to grow as a person and leader, TV New Zealand reported. “I know I didn’t have to study, but I want my kids to grow up to be whatever they …

Rugby League Players Pay Emotional Visit to Christchurch Mosque

Four Manly Sea Eagles players paid an emotional visit Thursday, March 28, to one of the mosques which were the scene of a terrorist shooting in Christchurch about two weeks ago, Newshub reported. “It’s hard to deal with those sort of things, the shock, and awe of it all,” Curtis Sironen said. “We’ve just got …

All Blacks: Muslim Rugby Star 'Blessed to Meet' UFC Champion Khabib

SYDNEY – New Zealand rugby Muslim star, Sonny Bill Williams, said he was blessed to meet UFC superstar and fellow Muslim Khabib Nurmagomedov at an event in Sydney, Australia over the weekend, News Hub reported on January 21. “Alhamdulillah. Blessed to meet and share the stage with the brother Khabib Nurmagomedov, may the most high …

Rugby Hijab Captures Attention in New Zealand

Photos of an Australian Muslim rugby fan donning an All Blacks “rugby hijab” captured attention on Saturday night’s All Blacks test match against South Africa, making it to the internet after media commentator Russell Brown shared them.

NZ Rugby Superstar Fasts Ramadan

Hailed for showing the world the true Islam, New Zealand Muslim rugby All Blacks superstar Sonny Bill Williams has spoken of the challenges of fasting during the holy month of Ramadan, confirming that religious commitments do not hinder his rugby preparation.

NZ Muslim Rugby Star Covers Bank Logo on Shirt

A New Zealand Muslim rugby star is expected to wear a Blues jersey without the logos of two major rugby sponsors sue to his objection to banks using usury, which contradicts with his Islamic beliefs.

Muslim Rugby Star Prepares for Rio Olympics

Leading his team in the Olympics, Sonny Bill Williams, a two-time World Cup winner and Super Rugby title holder in rugby union, has become a reluctant hero whose star can only glow brighter now if he guides New Zealand to gold at Rio.

Islam Saved Me: New Zealand Rugby Star

As millions of rugby fans around the world had their hearts melted by the move of New Zealand Muslim player Sonny Bill Williams to hand over his world cup medal to a young boy, the once most hated league player revealed how Islam has saved him from bad past.

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