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Romanian Muslims' Grand Mosque Dream Dashed

BUCHAREST – Romanian Muslims’ plan of constructing a grand mosque in Romania’s capital Bucharest has been hit with a pitiful setback due to lack of funds. “The costs were way bigger than the current budget of our institution and that the Muslim community can currently afford,” Mufti Iusuf Murat said, without elaborating further, Eurasia Review …

Muslim Named Romania's Deputy Premier

Sevil Shhaideh, a Romanian economist, was chosen on Tuesday, January 3, as the country’s first Muslim deputy prime minister and regional development minster.

Muslim Could Become Romania’s First Female PM

BUCHAREST – Sevil Shhaideh, a Romanian Muslim woman, could become the country’s first female prime minister with her name already being put forward by the Social Democratic Party to take the post after winning recent general election.

I Found What Was Missing in My Life

I wish more and more people in my country would go beyond biased mass media’s view on Islam and start reading the Quran and understand the depth of this beautiful religion called Islam.

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