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Meet Fatima – A 19-Year-Old Saudi Scientist Who Received Recognition from NASA

NASA just named an asteroid after a scientist as a recognition for her effort in botany research. The asteroid is called Al-Sheikh 33535, named after Fatima bint Abdel Moneim Al Sheikh in the honor of her research entitled “Determining The Effect Of The Novel Carl 2 Strigolactone Analog On The Seed Germination of Parasitic Weeds”. Fatima, who was a second …

American Muslim Female Neurosurgeon Is Paying It Forward

Dr. Zarina Ali loves the exhilaration she feels when scrubbing into brain or spine surgery knowing she has a chance to make a big difference in life and death situations for her patients. Even with the long hours of razor-sharp focus needed, she wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. But as a mother of …

Khadija Haffajee

Meet Khadija Haffajee, the Pioneering Canadian Muslim Activist

A lecturer, educator, and mentor, Khadija Haffajee is seen as a pioneering figure in the Canadian capital Ottawa as well as around the world. Born to child bride in South Africa, she grew up during apartheid, a factor that still weighed heavily on her daily interactions. In the 1960s, she left South Africa for England, …

Meet Muslim Women Making a Change

As the world marks International Women’s Day on March 8, social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women are being celebrated widely. The day also marks a call for action for accelerating gender equality.

American Muslims United In Change

As an educator, peace builder and Theologian here in the United States, I hear a lot of people asking where the “moderate Muslim” voice is, and why they are not speaking out over the violent, extremist voice. My answer to that is that those voices are out there, and they are not “moderate,” they are …

Meet the Muslim Woman Running for State Legislature in Minnesota

Ilhan Omar is a former refugee, a Somali-American activist, and a proud Democrat. On November 8, the 33-year-old is poised to become one of the few Muslim women ever elected to a state legislature in the country. Omar is on the path towards winning a spot on the Minnesota State Legislature, after defeating a 44-year …


The Personalities of the Prophet’s Wives - Sawda bint Zam'a

We often are introduced to the people around the Prophet (PBUH) through his life and perspective. While there is good reason for this, it can also be of great benefit to learn about the companions of the Messenger as individuals. They were the people who Allah (SWT) calls in the Quran, “[…] the best nation …

the homeless

Muslim Youths Feed the Homeless in London

As part of our goal to highlight positive examples of Muslim youths, we would like to share with Aboutislam’s readers a diversity of role models and inspiring humanitarian projects. In this interview, we shed light on “Children of Adam”, UK, which is involved through many events, in helping homeless people. We would like to thank sister …

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