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Asiyah, the Wife of Pharaoh – The Change Maker

Asiyah, Wife of Pharaoh – The Change Maker

A tyrant rises to power, ruling his nation with cruelty and hatred. In one fell swoop, he creates a giant chasm between two segments of society — those whom he belongs to, and those whom he has declared outsiders. For years, he considers himself successful in enforcing his agenda of prejudice and discrimination… until revolution …

Idealizing role models

Why You Should Not Be Idealizing Your Role Model

Pedestals are for Prophets and plants. This has been my mantra since I nearly let someone destroy my heart with their short comings. I put someone high up on a pedestal and it was unfair to them and to me. Pedestals are unstable structures. And that inevitable fall from a pedestal is hard and painful. …

But Why MUST We Love Prophet Muhammad???

“I mean I know he’s the final messenger and all, but why do I HAVE TO love him? To be honest, forcing me to love Prophet Muhammad, just because I’m Muslim, makes the whole belief system a bit sketchy!” I’ll never forget this day. It was Ramadan and my teen client had prepared a whole …

Muslim Sisters Launch Library Collection to Empower Muslim Girls

We’re big believers that the future is in good hands, and all we have to do is look at the younger generation to see the amazing things they are doing MICHIGAN – Two Muslim change-maker sisters Mena and Zena Nasiri from Rochester, Michigan, have created a non-profit organization to donate books with female Muslim main …

Ilhan Omar: When Representation Matters

WASHINGTON, DC – Minnesota’s Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar is becoming a role model for younger generations, as they believe that Muslims can ascend to leadership unapologetically and without having to compromise their religion, The Hill reported. “At this moment, somewhere in the world, young girls and women who look like us are learning to believe …

7 Great Muslim Athletes in Martial Arts

7 Great Muslim Male Athletes in Martial Arts

Muhammad Ali, Badr Hari, Mike Tyson and many more are known and idolized all over the world. Let’s get a closer look at the 7 most impactful Muslim Male Athletes in Martial Arts: 1.    Muhammad Ali The king of boxing and an activist. Ali, born as Cassius Clay in a Christian family, is without a doubt the …


These 5 British Black Muslims Will Inspire You

According to data from the Muslim Council of Britain, the 2011 Census shows that Muslims form 4.8% of the population of England and Wales (there are approximately 77,000 Muslims in Scotland and 3,800 in Northern Ireland). The Muslim population in England and Wales has increased from 1,546,626 in 2001 to 2,706,066 people in 2011 (1,159,440 or 75% …

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela: Troublemaker or Peacemaker?

South Africans are never going to forget Nelson Mandela. For the fight he fought we stand tall with pride, knowing we will never again have to endure the indignity of being classed inferior.

5 Inspiring People with Down’s Syndrome

5 Inspiring People with Down’s Syndrome

Down’s syndrome is an intellectual disability caused by an extra chromosome 21. Typical symptoms include mild-moderate intellectual development, delay in reaching childhood milestones, and characteristic facial features. Despite the fear of parents, in most cases people with Down’s syndrome will meet the same milestones as everyone else should be given every opportunity to do so. …

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