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Before They Back Home, The Rohingya Have Some Demands

Before They Go Back Home, The Rohingyas Have Some Demands

Last August, hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims fled their native Myanmar for neighboring Bangladesh, escaping a brutal campaign of murder, repression and rape by Myanmar’s military and militant Buddhist groups. Now the Rohingya are waiting for the political deal that will allow a return to their homeland in Myanmar’s Rakhine State. But will it happen? More than 1.2 …

Turkish Charity Continues Delivering Aid to Rohingya

Turkish Charity Continues Delivering Aid to Rohingya

Turkey’s Diyanet Foundation, or TDV — a charity with the country’s Religious Affairs Directorate — has donated humanitarian aid worth nearly $1 million to Rohingya Muslims since August 25, when the Myanmar military started a brutal campaign, according to TDV. The aid included food parcels, personal care products, clothing and tents delivered in 17 different …

A Rohignya Kid Is Making Magic With His Kites

This Rohingya Kid Is Making Magic with His Kites

There’s no Xbox or PlayStation for most of the kids in the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh. But there are kites. In the late afternoon, a steady wind blows over the hills of the Hakimpara refugee camp. Young boys race to a ridge at the top of the settlement to fly homemade kites. Some of …

Why I Became An Aid Worker ?

Why I Became an Aid Worker

Shirin Aktar had her very first, and temporary, contract with UNHCR in 2001, interviewing Rohingya families who fled from Myanmar. She came on board full-time in 2007, and has since also worked with Rohingya refugees in Thailand in addition to her native Bangladesh. Helping them, she says, is a privilege, even though being an aid …

Rohingya Muslims Describe Daily Horror in Burmese Capital

YANGON – Day after day, Rohingya Muslims in Yangon witness vanishing freedoms and opportunities, as well as rising persecution and hatred from their Buddhist neighbors and friends. Fear filled the air in the city, the capital of Burma, after the Burmese military’s operation in Rakhine state in the west of the country in which complete …

Rohingya Women

Rohingya Women Recall Horror of Myanmar Army Massacre

These Rohingya women survived a massacre. When Myanmar’s army entered Tula Toli, a village in Maungdaw townshipon, they carried out systematic killings and rape of several hundreds of Rohingya Muslims. Some of the worst violence is believed to have occurred in Tula Toli, where survivors say residents were rounded up on riverbanks and shot as they tried …

Pope Meets Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh

Meeting with Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, Pope Francis sought forgiveness from the persecuted minority after his controversial decision to not directly refer to their plight when he visited their homeland, Burma.

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